Darwin Streaming Server 5.0 for FreeBSD

ATTENTION: This page is no longer being maintained

I switched jobs in the summer of 2004, and no longer have access to a FreeBSD server. This page is no longer being actively maintained, and the instructions may not work for the current version of Darwin Streaming Server on FreeBSD.

The binary version of DSS on this page is out of date and does not contain important security fixes. Use it at your own risk.

Apple's Darwin Streaming Server (DSS) is the Open Source version of QuickTime Streaming Server. Apple currently provides binary distributions of DSS for Linux, Solaris and Windows. Apple has also made the source code for DSS available. The source distribution includes a shell script that will compile the code for FreeBSD, but the installation script that comes with the source code distribution was designed for the binary distributions. While you can compile the source code under FreeBSD, you cannot use the installation script to install the files.

I have created a binary distribution of DSS 5.0 for FreeBSD. I have also provided instructions explaining how I created this distribution. If you are a fastidious sysadmin and thus paranoid, you should download the original files from Apple and follow my instructions. If you are a virtuous programmer and thus lazy, you should download the binary distribution.

I am making this binary distribution under the terms of the Apple Public Source License. By downloading these files, you signify that you agree to be bound by the terms of this license.

The Distribution:

DarwinStreamingSrvr5.0-FreeBSD.tar.gz (10.9 MB)

Readme.FreeBSD - My instructions for creating and installing the archive.

darwinss.sh - Throw this in /usr/local/etc/rc.d to have DSS start on system startup.

Additional Resources:

Darwin Streaming Server page - Apple's official site

How to Stream a QuickTime Movie - While some of the details in this U.Washington guide are only relevant for their servers, the guide has several sections (especially testing/troubleshooting) that anyone should find useful.

A March 18, 2002 article in Network Computing ranked Darwin Streaming Server (tested on FreeBSD) ahead of Real and Microsoft's competing products. Thanks to Douglas Hedges for the reference.

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